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Comparing the options?

Here is why NewShareCounts is better than other services:

They start counting from zero

Twitter only shows 7 days of history, so all share counting services can see shares that happened no more than a week before you start tracking your website.

We have share counts for 1 billion webpages 

We collected enormous number of share counts before Twitter shut them down. Chances are very high that we have share counts for most of your pages.

They let you track only one website

To track more websites you have to create new Twitter accounts. Not too convenient.

We let you track up to 1000 websites

Just add more websites to your account and we track them all. Track all websites you own and even your competitors.

They detect new shares slower

The bigger website you have, the slower they get at detecting new shares. The older your page, the slower new shares are counted.

We detect new shares within 60 seconds

No matter how big your website is, or how old your content is, we detect new shares within 1 minute on average. We only get slower if you track many websites.

They can't fix your existing share buttons

Showing share counts on standard Twitter buttons requires you to be a developer. And no solution is provided for share buttons plugins like AddThis, ShareAholic or SumoMe.

We fix your existing share buttons

You can fix standard Twitter buttons, ShareAholic, SumoMe, AddThis share buttons, and many WordPress plugins. Setup is super easy and requires no coding.

The Best Free Solution For Twitter Share Counts. Try It!

We only have free access to 7 days of Twitter history from the day you add website to tracking.
Shares that happened before might not be counted.
Further shares are counted properly.

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