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How To Use NewShareCounts?


You have signed-up, and we are now tracking share counts for your site!

Please note that it may take some time before we load existing tweets for the last 7 days from Twitter. We have no access to older tweets, so shares that happened before might not be counted. Further shares will all be accumulated properly.

Here is what you should do next:

1. Add share counts bubble to standard Twitter button.

Copy and paste this code anywhere on your page. Our code automatically discovers all standard Twitter buttons on your page, and adds the counter bubble with proper layout.


Sometimes, this code might be wrong with choosing the bubble direction. Read more about using our code for standard Twitter buttons in such a case.

2. Setup to display share counts with supported plugins.

Twitter share count can be displayed with supported share button plugins. Currently, we support these plugins (click for demo and setup instructions):

Popular plugins:

WordPress plugins:

Joomla plugins:

Not seeing your plugin in the list? Contact us and we’ll take care of it!

3. Use our public API to get share counts.

If you are using custom plugins or “Tweet” buttons and cannot use our bubble, you can use our API to get share counts.

Find this old url (now disabled by Twitter) in your code:

And replace it with our url:

4. Add more websites to be tracked.

Go to your console to manage the list of websites you are tracking.

That’s it!

Any questions?

If you believe your share counts are too low, please read this explanation. Or, just click support button on the left.

Support NewShareCounts!

NewShareCounts is a free service, but it takes resources to run. Consider supporting me (Artur Brugeman) on Patreon. Thank you!