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Twitter Share Counts on Standard Tweet Buttons

If you have standard Twitter share button displayed on your site, you can add share counts by placing our code.

If you are using any plugin that loads standard Twitter share button, our code can add share counts too.

Don’t forget to sign-up first to start tracking new shares!

Copy and paste this code anywhere on your page to display share counts.


This is a smart mode – our code tries to detect the proper direction of bubble based on other buttons around it. We recommend the code above as the simplest method to add share counts.

Sometimes, smart mode might be wrong with layout. If all buttons need same layout, here are your options in such cases.

Place this code to display share counts on the right side of all Twitter buttons:


To show the bubble above all Tweet buttons, use this:



Advanced usage

If you have several Tweet buttons with different layout on your page, and smart mode does not recognize it, we have the code for you.

You should paste the code below at every place you wish a bubble to appear.

Paste the code after Tweet button (for left and top directions) or before it (for right and bottom directions), and set data-dir and data-size accordingly.


If you have any trouble with our code (share counts not displaying, wrong layout, etc.), tweet us or send a message by clicking support button on the left.

And don’t forget to sign-up and add your site to tracking, or you won’t see any share counts!

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