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Why my Twitter share counts are so wrong?

Sometimes you might notice that Twitter share counts that we provide are wrong (either you remember the exact numbers, or check them with BuzzSumo extension).

Here are the possible reasons:

1. We only start tracking shares of your website from the day you sign-up and add it (or up to 7 days before that). That’s a limitation of Twitter. There is no free way to retrieve older tweets and count them. So, if you add your website today, and check the share counts of a page that is 3 months old, you might see very little shares (only ones that happened the last week), or even zero shares (if last week no one shared it).

2. We have collected share counts for 1 billion pages all around the Web in November 2015. So, if your site was popular enough, you are likely to get back your older share counts too. However, keep a few things in mind: a) we didn’t check all pages on your site, just some selected set, b) some shares will be lost between November 2015 and the day you add you site to tracking. So, if you added your site today, and check share counts of an article that was published in December 2015, at least several months of tweets were lost. So, BuzzSumo may show much higher numbers than we do.

If you feel like points above do not apply to your situation and believe we are wrong at counting your shares, please contact us and provide the exact address of a page you are checking. We will try our best to fix the issue.

Happy sharing!